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For SAMSUNG GT-S3310 Games & Themes visit: or ClickHere

Please Do it at your own risk

Uninstall Samsung PC STUDIO 3 , if you have downloaded and installed. since no one gets installation CD within the package.

Uninstallation of PC studio won't delete the drivers installed. Go to Control Panel--> Add remove Programs-> uninstall each and every mobile driver of Samsung. After doing it , restart your P.C.

You need Mobile 1.0 drivers. You can download it from the following links. Use only 1 link. Multiple links are provided so that if one fails , other is up for you. It is a 1.20MB .rar File. Links for V_Mobile1.0Broadcommdriver.rar are:

Link1: Ziddu hosting link: or Click Here

Link2: Easy Share link : or Click Here

****if no hosting link works , mail me at****

There is a file "setup" in the folder which you get after extracting from V_Mobile1.0Broadcommdriver.rar file . Run Setup and drivers will automatically installed. Restart your PC(must to do).Now after this process, attach your mobile with Pc. When you will attach mobile to PC , Mobile will prompt to select one from 3 options
1. Samsung Pc Studio
2. Media Player
3. Mass Storage

If it doesnot ask for these options , go to Menu-->Setting(#)-->Phone settings(4)-->PC Connections(5) and select ASK ON CONNECTION and reconnect the phone to pc.

Select Samsung PC studio in this step

You need FILE EXPLORER(pc version) for your phone and 1 java game to test it. You can download both in 1 package from the following links. Again there are 3 links , use 1 only. Other is added for your convenience

FE and Asphalt 3 from (513 KB) Will extraxt in 1.45 MB
or Click Here

Link2: and Asphalt 3 from
or Click here

or Click Here

Place folder Asphalt Urban to your C:\ drive or any other drive. Don't put it on desktop. Remember the path where you have put Asphalt Urban Folder

Run TK File explorer by double clicking TKfileexplorer2.2.exe. There is no installation. Tk File Explorer wil open. See image below.

In this step you have to tell TK File Explorer the COM PORT to successfully connect with the phone. There are 2 ways to do it.

Way 1

a) Right Click on my computer and click properties.
b)Click on 'Hardware' tab
c)Click on 'Device Manager'
d) Now you should see Modems category with + sign. Expand it. If your drivers are successfully installed , then you should see SAMSUNG USB MODEM there(you phone should be attached and all above steps should have been successfully performed)
If you don't see the SAMSUNG USB MODEM , follow from step 1 again or jump to manually finding the com port
e)Double click on samsung usb modem which will pop a window naming samsung usb modem properties.
f)Click on the modem tab and it will tell you the port number.
g)open TK File(ur phone should be attached to usb and in pc studio mode). Now near to yellow question mark(see pic) , there is a setting button. click it it will ask for PORT.

Add the port number which you found in the earlier step.
Write COM4 OR COM5 CAPITAL LETTERS. example your port is 7 , so write "COM7" when asked
2. Set Baud rate to 115600 or greater

It will surely connect. If it doesn't then restart TK FIle Explorer and fill the COM PORT again and click connect button.

Manually finding the com port, Way 2(no need to follow if you have connected the phone by following steps mentioned above)
It involves hit and trial and luck. open TK File(ur phone should be attached to usb and in pc studio mode). Now near to yellow question mark(see pic) , there is a setting button. click it it will ask for PORT.
Click the image to get it enlarged to locate the setting button

If no port is mentioned , add manually in add port. To manually do

2. Set Baud rate to 115600
* Most of times it connects from above mentioned ports. try from port 1-10 if not connecting. Even one guy connected at port 16. So please at least try up to COM 16.

Its hit and trial in some cases.
But it will connect for sure. Do repeat your process.

This video corresponds to step no 8 (Manually finding the com port only)

Transfer Asphalt urban folder to
EXE---->>>JAVA------>>games (you can delete the locked games from here)
Do ensure that files are successfully transfered by exploring your phone with Tk file explorer.

It is not done yet. De-attach your phone from pc. Type *#6984125*# from your phone. A menu will pop. Go To INTERNALS. A master code will be asked. Type *#9072641*# Go to Storage Settings select Update Java DB.

Hurray you are done. Enjoy your game. Repeat steps to install other games.
For animated themes, other games and multi player games , tips and tricks do visit,Animated themes will move you like crazy.

Some codes, tricks are mentioned below:
1.Hard reset code confirmed and tried. *2767*3855# --> after that it asks for phone password (which you use to access mobile tracker)
2. Typing *08# will turn on the bluetooth withoug going to the menu. To turn it off press *08# again
3. *09# will turn on the bluetooth and search for new device automatically.

Some facts:
1. You can not use memory card to install games
2. You can't change the default storage to memory card for blue tooth storage. Every file will get to phone memory first.
3. Using mobile built file explorer will not solve the problem as upto now no file explorer opens the samsung phone filesystem
4. You can install msword, radio, pdf , .rar , orkut application , gmail application and others. Simply visit
5. You can increase the volume of mobile phone, see the comments sections as it is somebody else's hard work.
6. You can pause tha application too. For this you have to visit another guy's blog and join it. See comments section for the url.
7. You can not do the whole stuff by bluetooth. Need cable to do it.
8. You can install games of your own choice. For this download any game from internet. You need 2 files : 1).jad file and 2).jar file of the game. Simply transfer it to phone in the steps mentioned above
9. New firmware version was launched in May 2010. Not so serious updates.

Join by e-mail and sms. Simply visit and on the right hand side you will see appropriate links.